Youth at UW

Model Conduct Code: teen-aged youth participants

Sample Code of Conduct for teen-aged youth participants

Note: Programs may customize this content to best fit your needs.

A PDF version of this document can be downloaded here.

The purpose of ___(name of program)___ is to __________(describe)__________.  Every participant, together with staff, volunteers and parents, contribute to the success of this program. Below is an outline of expectations that we ask of all participants, their parents/guardians and program staff.

I, __(participant first name)__ agree to meet these program expectations:

  • Treat my fellow participants and staff with respect
  • Plan ahead for personal needs so that I can arrive on time and participate in all activities
  • Challenge myself to learn and advocate for my needs, including requesting help or accommodation when I need it
  • Be an active bystander- do what I can to help others or find help when needed
  • Follow staff, volunteer and guest instructions and raise concerns respectfully
  • Complete assigned individual and group projects on time
  • (If applicable): Contribute ideas and adhere to a youth-driven group agreement

The following may result in being dismissed from the program:

  • Bullying, harassing or using derogatory language towards another person or group of people
  • Touching a peer or adult in a physically or sexually aggressive manner
  • Possessing or being under the influence of alcohol, tobacco, drugs or weapons
  • Leaving the program area without permission from a staff member
  • Repeated absences or failure to meet agreed upon program work requirements

What are the consequences if I do not meet expectations of the program?

  • Staff will me give a verbal warning regarding behaviors and actions that are not allowed and in most cases give me an opportunity to correct the behavior.
  • Depending on the behavior, they may also contact my parent or guardian.
  • In some cases, staff may require me to sign a corrective action plan in order to stay in the program.
  • Some behaviors may result in immediate suspension or termination.

 As the parent/guardian I will support my child’s participation in this program by:

  • Making arrangements so my child is able to attend every day of the program, and able to arrive on time and prepared; this includes avoiding scheduling appointments during the program
  • Allowing time at home for my child to complete required assignments
  • Communicating with staff prior to program start time if my child must be absent
  • Not making inappropriate requests of staff that conflict with program guidelines
  • Working together with program staff to resolve issues that arise with my child

 Program staff commit to:

  • Respectful and effective communication with all participants and their parents
  • Helping you have a safe and fun experience
  • Addressing problems that are brought to our attention
  • Creating an environment where everyone is welcomed and given the opportunity to succeed

Everyone contributes to the success of this program!

Sign below acknowledging your understanding of and a commitment to following this code of conduct.


______________________________________            _______________________________________

Participating child first and last name                                    Parent(s and Guardian(s) first and last name(s)



Program staff representative first and last name


Revised by the Office for Youth Programs Development and Support May, 2017