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Melissa Maxwell Creative Lead


Not long ago I was asked, “If you could have any talent in the world, what would it be?” At the risk of sounding overly impressed with myself, my response was, “I would choose the talent I was born with: creativity.” Why? Well, it allows me to spend my days doing exactly what I love to do—make things!—and, as Creative Lead of The Whole U, I get to design the look and feel of our awesome and amazing new employee engagement program! If you need advice or assistance creating promotional materials or swag for your own Whole U-related event, give me a shout. I’d be delighted to help.

When I’m not in “design mode,” you’ll likely find me preparing for an upcoming endurance event. I’m what’s considered a late bloomer when it comes to running, as I’d barely broken a sweat since high school. But after turning 40 (and then some), I decided to give it a whirl. To date, I’ve crossed the finish line of eight half marathons and two full marathons, so am living proof that ANYONE can run 26.2 miles if they put their mind to it.

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