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UW Retiree Parking

UW Retiree Complimentary Parking Privilege Policy updated Aug 17 2018

The extant policy on UW retirees’ complimentary parking privilege is dated September 1981 and was revised in 1984. The following 2018 version updates phrasing for new procedures and current inclusion practices. Specifics regarding work-related parking and space availability are unchanged from the original policy.

  • Persons who are retired from the University and who do not elect UW reemployment in a compensated status after retirement are eligible for complimentary parking on the Seattle campus on a space-available basis. This privilege is extended to encourage retirees to visit the campus and participate in voluntary social and cultural events, meetings and research.
  • Retired individuals receiving compensation for work performed for the University, including on a part-time basis, are required to pay for work-related parking. Parking privileges are purchased through options offered by UW Transportation Services.
  • To exercise the complimentary retiree parking privilege, fully retired individuals must present their UW retiree identification cards to the gate attendant to receive a valid daily parking permit and lot assignment. UW retiree identification cards are not valid parking permits. Complimentary retiree parking is not permitted in self-serve, reserved, restricted, or otherwise prohibited parking areas on campus.
  • This privilege is available to UW retirees, their spouses or registered domestic partners, and is limited to one permit per couple. It is non-transferable, with the exception that surviving spouses or registered domestic partners of retirees are entitled to complimentary parking upon presentation of the retiree’s UW identification card. The surviving spouse or partner is expected to obtain a replacement UW identification card in a timely manner.