UW Retirement Association

UW-UWRA Retiree Excellence in Community Service Award

We are now accepting nominations for the 2022-23 award! Nominations are due by 5pm on February 1.

You can download a nomination form (in Word) HERE. For a printable version of the nomination criteria, click HERE.

The University of Washington-UWRA Retiree Excellence in Community Service Award is designed to honor a UW retiree or team of UW retirees  for excellence in service post-retirement that exemplifies the University’s values with special distinction. The award is open to retired faculty, staff, and librarians.

This award celebrates quality of service (improvement, impact and outside recognition), with length of service a possible but not required criterion. The UW retiree award pays tribute to UW retirees from throughout the UW community who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to community service following their retirement.

The award carries with it a $1,500 prize funded by the University of Washington Retirement Association.

Service qualifying for consideration:

The award is based on contributions subsequent to retirement in service to the community, including the University, locally, regionally, nationally or internationally.  It is recommended that nominees be at least three years post-retirement, in order to have established a trajectory of distinguished community service post-retirement.

While the retiree(s) may have continued in or returned to part-time employment at the UW, this award honors service that is not compensated by or through the UW. Compensated accomplishments are excluded from consideration for this service award.

To nominate a deserving retiree, please submit a nomination letter and up to three supporting letters to UWRA. Elements to include in the letter are outlined below.

You can download a nomination form (in Word) HERE. For a printable version of the nomination criteria, click HERE.

Criteria/Characteristics to address in the nomination letter:

  1. Definition of a UW retiree: A UW retiree is a former employee (faculty or staff) of the University of Washington who worked the required number of years to be eligible for official UW retirement and subsequently officially retired from the University of Washington.
  2. Stature of service: Following retirement from the UW, the nominee has given distinguished service to the community in or beyond the University of Washington, at the local, regional, state, national or international level. Service that draws upon the career discipline of the nominee may be considered.
    • How have lives have been impacted by the nominee’s service?
    • How far has the impact of this service been felt (regional/state/national level)?
    • To what extent has this service had an impact or improved the community served?
  3. Prior Recognition:  Please provide information regarding prior recognition, including names and dates of honors.
    • What public recognition has been received by the nominee for this service at the local, regional, national or international level?
    • Has this service been acknowledged by colleagues and leaders?
  4. Connection to the University of Washington: Has the nominee’s service been related in any way to the UW? For example, has the nominee’s connection to the UW been highlighted? Has the project itself become connected to the UW?
  5. Receiving the award: Award winner(s) or family member(s) are encouraged to attend the University awards ceremony in June of the current year in order to receive the award.