UW Retirement Association

Member eligibility

You are eligible to join UWRA if you are

  • A UW staff or faculty retiree, or a former member of the University Board of Regents
  • A current UW staff or faculty employee who is an active retirement-plan participant

With UWRA Board of Directors’ approval you are eligible to join UWRA if you are

  • A former UW employee who was an active retirement-plan participant for at least five consecutive years, separated from UW in good standing and now age 55 or older
  • A retiree from another accredited higher education institution who worked at least five consecutive years in salaried employment at a single institution or at least ten years at a combination of institutions, and who is now retired, Emeritus, or age 55 or older
  • A surviving or former spouse/domestic partner of any of the above

The UWRA Board of Directors is the final arbiter of eligibility of applicants in the latter three categories. UWRA independently verifies the eligibility of all applicants.

Clinical faculty of the UW who held unpaid courtesy appointments are eligible if they are named Clinical Faculty Emeritus.

Who is covered by your membership dues?

Membership in UWRA is by household. Your annual dues cover membership for you and your spouse or domestic partner. A single membership covers both retirees in a two-retiree household.

Click here for information on dues and a downloadable membership application or renewal form.