UW Retirement Association

Winter Member Program


Thursday, December 10, 2020 | 1:30-3:00 pm | Register HERE

UWRA member Keith Ronnholm was camped 10 miles from Mt St Helens in May, 1980, and captured photographs of the explosive eruption on May 18th — before racing away from the onrushing blast cloud while dodging falling rocks. He has an extensive collection of eyewitness photos from numerous vantage points, and he will narrate the events of that morning and discuss how the mountain has evolved since that time. Keith is now retired, but was formerly a research scientist with the University of Washington, deploying and maintaining climate monitoring buoys for NOAA.

The talk will be a visual treat as Keith will draw from an extensive collection of images, both his own and those from other eyewitnesses, to document the dramatic events that occurred 40 years ago.

Join with other UWRA members for a vivid view of Mt St Helens, then and now.