UW Retirement Association

2019 Travel Fair breakout sessions

All sessions are in HUB Room 145. No additional registrations necessary — sessions are open as long as space is available.

11:15: Independent Travel or a Tour Group?

Are you curious about independent travel, but unsure where to start? Maybe you think joining a tour group instead will bridge the gap of the unknown. Jen Williams, owner and travel expert of Launch Your Travels, will discuss the pros and cons of each travel style as well as give you tips on how to be successful with independent travel. “I think there is a place for both styles of travel. I hope to give you clarification on which one is right for you.”

(NOTE: The previously scheduled session on the Peace Corps has been affected by furloughs of Federal employees.)

12:15: Multigenerational/”Skip-Gen” Travel

What makes travel even better? Sharing it with family. Kurt Kutay, president of Wildland Adventures, will discuss where to go and how to plan family adventures. Considering joining the growing trend of grandparents traveling with grandchildren, without their parents, but a little worried about what that might entail? Kurt will share his advice for making sure everyone has an experience that is memorable (in a good way)!

1:15: Staying Healthy Abroad: A Global Traveler’s Guide

The majority of health and safety risks for travelers can be avoided with sensible pre-travel precautions, such as immunizations, and attention to safe behavior while away. From altitude sickness to Zika virus, this session will provide information to make global travel less stressful and more enjoyable. Speaker/author Christopher Sanford, MD, MPH is associate professor of Family Medicine and Global Health at the UW, and a family medicine physician who specializes in tropical medicine and travelers’ health.