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Gather at the UW Club for easy armchair traveling. Speakers share their travel adventures from around the world.

Dinner (no-host) with a menu built around the evening’s travel locale begins at 5:45 p.m. For price and reservations, contact the UW Club directly. UW Club membership is not required for the dinner.

Presentation (free) begins at 7:15 p.m. No reservations are required for the presentation. Contact the volunteer organizers, Randy Everett and Gary Fuller, with questions about the presentations.

Calendar (all dates & topics tentative; confirm with the UW Club):

Travelogue 190417Wednesday, April 17: The Spirit of the Californian, Mexican & Mallorcan Missions of the Franciscans, presented by Craig Huber. Join photographer Craig Alan Huber as he travels up and down California, to the Sierra Gorda range of Mexico, and to the capital and a small village on the island of Mallorca. These pursuits were all to find and photograph the Mission of the Franciscans, from beginnings in Mallorca to their conquests to the new world. With an eye on interior and exterior architecture, Craig captures what he sees as the Spirit of these places.

For dinner menu and reservations, contact the UW Club: uwclub@uw.edu, 206-543-0437.

A Ninja Taxi in Iga

A Ninja Taxi in Iga2019 Christopher Petrich

Wednesday, May 15: On a Busman’s Tour of Honshu, Japan’s Big Island, presented by Christopher Petrich. Christopher’s summary: In late 2017 my wife Elizabeth and I met daughter Mary and her husband Tak in Japan to see Nara, both a city and a region on the Island of Honshu, where Tak grew up. For two weeks we ate well, met well, and slept well under mostly fair skies in the first two weeks of November.

We landed in Tokyo for a few days before heading south to Nara. We rode a bullet train and we got around easily on the clean and efficient Tokyo underground.  We spent a half hour at a Cat Hotel in Tokyo and ate squid at the Tokyo Fish market. We soaked in the mineral baths and toured the Toy Museum at the resort city of Arima, a place mostly frequented by Japanese tourists.

Nara is the place where the oldest wooden structure in the world exists at the Horyuji Temple, in continuous use since 600AD.  Along the way we saw some of Japan’s most famous monuments, including the Imperial Palace in Tokyo and the Ancient White Heron Castle of Himeji, a UNESCO world heritage site. We saw the Great Buddha at the Todaiji Temple in Nara, and fed the famous deer on the temple grounds there.

My Leica and my Iphone were my workman’s tools with which I collected nearly 3000 images of this, our Amazing Japanese Adventure.

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