UW Retirement Association

UWRA Travelogues

Gather at the UW Club for easy armchair traveling. Speakers share their travel adventures from around the world.

Dinner (no-host) with a menu built around the evening’s travel locale begins at 5:45 p.m. For price and reservations, contact the UW Club directly. UW Club membership is not required for the dinner.

Presentation (free) begins at 7:00 p.m. No reservations are required for the presentation. Contact the volunteer organizers, Randy Everett and Gary Fuller, with questions about the presentations.

Calendar (all dates & topics tentative; confirm with the UW Club):

Wednesday, January 8, 2020: Through a Different Lens

Cyrus Kanga is a humanist photographer and travel enthusiast whose work focuses on his curiosity with what connects us as humans. Using his camera as an icebreaker, he has been able to deepen his travel experiences and expand his world view. Cyrus’s talk will cover what it means to see the world through a different lens, and how the people we encounter can change us for the better.

For dinner reservations, contact the UW Club: uwclub@uw.edu, 206-543-0437.


Wednesday, February 5, 2020: Walking Through History in the Veneto Region of Italy

Presented by: Janet Lenart with participation from John Lenart

The presenters will describe stories of people and places in the Veneto region of Italy, with a focus on walking through World War I and II historical sites. The presenters lived in Vicenza, Italy for 18 years and will share war memories recounted by Italians. The front lines of WWI ran through the Veneto region. A generation later, during WWII, the area suffered substantially under allied bombardment as the German army was driven out of Italy. The 52 Tunnels Trail was designed and constructed by young Italian soldiers in 1917 in order to stop the Austrian Hungarian advance in World War I. Trails on Mt. Cengio and Mt. Ortigara reveal evidence of other important WWI military events. Bassano del Grappa is a town founded in the 2nd century and rebuilt after damage during the World Wars. Vicenza, a town established during the Roman era and now famous for palaces designed by the renaissance architect Andrea Palladio was rebuilt after allied bombings during WWII. These evocative places provoke questions. What inspires communities to recreate historical beauty after destruction? What factors contribute to unification of countries who were at war only 80 years ago? How do first hand memories of wars near home impact the social fabric and political activism of today?

For dinner reservations, contact the UW Club: uwclub@uw.edu, 206-543-0437.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020: Far East Asia

Presented by: Louise Kurabi

Do you have a travelogue program idea? Please email Randy.