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UWRA Scholarship in Aging Application

Spring Quarter 2023 Application

The application for awards that will be applied to Spring quarter 2023 is open now.
Applicants must separately have filed the current Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for financial aid at the University of Washington. If you have not previously completed your 2022-2023 FAFSA, file it online well before the application deadline. International students and HB1079 students should file a current-year Non-Citizen Financial Need Assessment Form and return it to osfaschp@uw.edu for purposes of this scholarship.

The University of Washington Retirement Association, a membership organization of retired UW faculty and staff, announces the availability of scholarships for UW undergraduate, graduate and professional students with a focus on research related to aging or on the provision of services to older adults. Four awards of $4,000 each were made in Spring Quarter 2022 to students selected for their demonstrated promise and financial need. Applications for 2023 are now being accepted and are due by noon on February 15, 2023. Students should have completed the first year of their program by the time they submit an application.

Criteria the committee will consider in evaluating your application:

  • Demonstrated experience in and commitment to research or work with older adults (paid or volunteer)
  • Academic performance
  • Communication skills
  • Financial need (as determined by theĀ FAFSA or Non-Citizen Need Assessment)

To be considered, applications must include all required materials, submitted by the time and date stated on the application. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. Supplemental materials will not be considered.

HOW TO APPLY: Use the application that begins at the bottom of this page

NOTE that the application cannot be saved and must be completed in a single setting. Please have all documents ready to upload before completing the application.

Step 1: Sign the release: Click the check box and click on ‘Next Page’ to open the application form.
Step 2: Complete the UWRA scholarship application form, which includes contact information and information about your academic program.
Step 3: Upload two application documents:
  1. A pdf that includes three responses, up to one page each (total of up to three pages):
    1. Describe your educational and career goals and how they relate to research in aging or the provision of services to older adults.
    2. List your most significant community service and extracurricular activities, particularly those pertaining to older adults, with dates of participation.
    3. Any additional information you believe would be helpful. Include dates where applicable. You may include relevant information about your background, academic or career focus on research in aging or provision of services to older adults that was not included in responses 1 or 2.
  2. A pdf of your current UW transcript (an unofficial transcript is acceptable)

Reminder. You must have a current-year FAFSA or Non-Citizen Financial Need Assessment form on file with the Office of Student Financial Aid well before the application deadline.

Questions: Contact Cathy Randolph at UWRA – retiremt@uw.edu

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