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Resources on Land Acknowledgments

Honor Native Land — A Guide and Call to Acknowledgment from the US Department of Arts and Culture

A Guide to Indigenous Land Acknowledgment from the Native Governance Center

Activism Skills: Land and Territory Acknowledgment from Amnesty International

Town Hall Land Acknowledgment: Beyond Gestures

An interview by Ed Taylor with UW Tribal Liaison Iisaaksiichaa Ross Braine, part of 2020: The Course. The whole interview is about 15 minutes; land acknowledgment discussion is at about 5 minutes in.

Land acknowledgment resources developed at UW Bothell

Background and acknowledgments compiled by Tom Hinckley (updated 2/17/21)

Some land acknowledgments in use at the UW

Documentary, “The Rights of Nature: A Global Movement

Article on Cornell University’s attempt to address stolen indigenous land

Land acknowledgments and resources from universities in British Columbia

Article from Alpinist: Water is Life

Article from Patagonia: All Trails Belong to Mother Earth, Following in Indigenous Footsteps on the Ute Pass Trail

From High Country News: So you want to acknowledge the land? Some notes on a trend, and what real justice could look like.