UW Retirement Association

Board Committees, Councils, Task Forces

This page includes brief descriptions of the major activities of committees of the UWRA board. Membership on board committees, councils and task forces is by virtue of board office or by board appointment. UWRA members who are interested in serving on a committee, or who would like to see the full mandate for a committee, should contact the UWRA office.

Communications task force: works to increase UWRA’s visibility and effective communications with constituent populations and others.

Encore advisory team: consults with the staff of the UW Encore Initiative on development of a university program that models and champions a new Encore life-stage for older adults, engaging their experience and expertise for the greater good.

Executive committee: does preliminary planning and develops recommendations as needed on issues to come before the board of directors.

Financial Review¬†committee: conducts an annual internal audit of the past year’s fiscal procedures and record keeping for the processing of receipt, disbursement, and custody of cash.

Legislation and Benefits committee: provides current information and education on retirement and benefit plans and legislative activities relevant to the UWRA membership.

Nominating committee: prepares a slate of nominees for election to the board of directors in accordance with the UWRA constitution and bylaws. Also prepares a slate of nominees for officers of the board.

Program planning committee: develops a master calendar of programs for each academic year; seeks to address a range of member interests, concerns, abilities and needs; oversees UWRA program committees and working subgroups.

Social Justice, Equity, and Inclusion committee: charged with infusing UWRA’s commitment to the multi-faceted aspects of racial and social justice throughout all arenas of the organization’s operations. The committee coordinates closely with other standing committees of the board to identify and act upon opportunities to engage in “good trouble.”

Scholarships and Fellowships committee: develops a master calendar for funding solicitations, call for applications, and review of applications for UWRA scholarships and (in coordination with the Graduate School) fellowships; reviews and may update application form and criteria for scholarship selection; reviews applications and selects recipient(s).