UW Retirement Association

January 11, 2023

UWRA Priorities for the 2023 Legislative Session

The UWRA Board has adopted its priorities for the 2023 State Legislative session that opened on Monday. The priorities include

  • Maintaining the current $183/month maximum explicit Medicare subsidy for each retiree and each partner/spouse who purchases medical insurance through the Public Employees Benefit Board. This existing subsidy, which is automatically included in premium calculations for retirees’ medical insurance, requires authorization in each biennial budget.
  • Securing a one-time 3% cost of living adjustment (COLA) on the first $44,000 of pension income for PERS1 retirees. The other DRS plans already include a COLA.
  • Retaining the Uniform Medical Plan’s Medicare Classic plan, and exploring premium cost containment options and additional plan choices. At present, there is no active request or plan to discontinue UMP Classic for Medicare retirees.
  • Assuring full pension funding. PERS1 remains in deficit due to cuts made during the great recession.
  • Supporting the UW’s legislative priorities.
  • Supporting efforts to improve and implement the Washington Cares Act.

Many, but not all, of these priorities are contained in the Governor’s budget.  Bills are being introduced related to many of these issues.  Updates will be provided regularly.