UW Retirement Association

April 9, 2021

Update on Phase 3 operations

As of March 22, UW’s three campuses have moved into Phase 3 of COVID-19 recovery. We’d like to give you an update on what this means for UWRA and for campus visits and activities.

The UW continues to offer most courses remotely, and telework is supported through September 10, 2021. Non-instructional events and gatherings must follow all state and University restrictions. You can learn more about Phase 3 here.

UWRA Operations
UWRA will continue to observe distancing recommendations, and will hold all events and meetings by Zoom at least through June. We will follow all health guidelines as we explore the possibility of some limited in-person outdoor summer programs. UWRA staff will continue to work remotely until University Advancement implements plans for onsite work. You can continue to reach us by emailing retiremt@uw.edu or by leaving a message at 206-543-8600.

Campus Visits
The University has asked cherry blossom enthusiasts to view the blossoms online this year. See how to do that here.

If you do have a reason to come to campus, remember that Transportation Services implemented a new set of procedures this winter. To use your retiree parking privilege, you now have two options:

  • Reserve a parking spot the day of your visit using the Transportation Services online Customer Portal and your retiree Husky card. Instructions on how to use the portal are here. This is the preferred method for accessing your retiree parking privilege.
  • Show your retiree Husky card at a staffed gate when you arrive on campus. Note that you may encounter more unstaffed gates than usual. The gates in the Central Parking Garage (under Red Square) are most likely to be staffed.

Remember that the retiree parking privilege applies only to lots that are managed by UW Transportation Services. Lots managed by outside companies, including the Triangle Garage, Surgery Pavilion garage, and Roosevelt Clinic garage, are not included in the privilege. We have heard that sometimes retirees have been given parking in these lots, but this should be seen as a “happy accident” when it happens, rather than a formal privilege.

We hope you are well — finding vaccinations, protecting yourself and others with masks and distancing, and looking forward to future times together. We see them coming!