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June 17, 2020

News & Events – June 17, 2020

Resources on Race and Racism in America

UWRA member Laila Barr recommends books and classes on race by UW history professor Moon-Ho Jung. For those who take classes through the Access program, this fall Professor Jung will offer HSTAA 231 A: “Race and American History.” We anticipate enrollment through Access to be available in fall quarter, even for courses offered through remote learning.

Another member, Joe Schneider, recommends the 1619 Project by New York Times Magazine, which examines the legacy of slavery in America. A free account is required to access the content. This project is also available as a free podcast.

Learn & Engage

Barbara Cochrane, de Tornyay Endowed Professor for Health Aging at the UW School of Nursing, presented a webinar, “Living Wisely with Physical Change.” The program walks the audience through which physical changes of aging are normal and which are signs of possible disease progression.  It looks quickly but methodically at all the body’s systems and is adapted from a lecture she teaches for UW students within the geriatric nursing program. Watch the lecture HERE.


Retirement Finance Webinars: The Whole U invites you to TIAA webinars to learn about money management in retirement. The next one is Responsible Investing: Portfolios with purpose. Date, Time: June 18 at 9:00 a.m. Register: For a list of all webinars and the links to register, click HERE.


Now or Never: Voting Rights in America 2020: UW Communications Professor David Domke argues that voting rights are the defining rights of American democracy, and 2020 is a defining moment in protecting voting rights. He will present a three-part online lecture series on this issue: Date, Time: June 24, July 1, and July 8 at 7pm. Cost: $0-$250 (choose what you want to pay). Register: HERE.


Pandemic Then (and Now): COVID-19 through the Lens of the 1918 Influenza Crisis by University of Puget Sound Department of History Chair, Professor Nancy Bristow. This event was co-sponsored by the UW Department of History and can be viewed HERE.



The UW Commencement ceremony was held virtually last Saturday. For a behind-the-scenes look and to watch the ceremony go HERE.


Graduating Student Projects: Several departments posted their students’ final projects online. Here are a few:


UW’s Safe Start Status: Read the latest on the status of UW campuses and their Safe Start plans HERE.

Just for Fun

Cinema & Media Studies created a list of shows and movies directed by Black directors.

The Whole U Spotify Playlists: Whether you’re looking for motivational exercise music or quieter meditative music, the Whole U has a playlist for you. Click HERE to learn more or HERE to go to their Spotify playlist.