UW Retirement Association

May 14, 2020

WSSRA End of Session Report

The Washington State School Retirees’ Association (WSSRA) has compiled a report on the end of the legislative session. You can read the full report HERE. The report summarizes actions in these areas:

Pension bills that passed or were enacted this year:

  • Plan 1 COLA, House Bill 1390
  • Plan 1 Minimum Benefits
  • Plan 3 & Deferred Compensation Investment Options, Senate Bill 6383
  • SERS & PERS Annuity Purchases, Senate Bill 5350
  • Plan 2 Default, Senate Bill 5360
  • Plan 2/3 Retire-Rehire, House Bill 1139

Pension bills that died this year:

  • Lowering the Retirement Age in Plans 2 & 3, House Bill 1132
  • Pension Payment for the Full Month of Death, House Bill 1414

Health Care Legislation:

  • Medicare Eligible Benefit
  • Insulin Price Caps, Senate Bill 6087 and House Bill 2662
  • Pharmacy and Healthcare Benefit Managers, Senate Bill 5601
  • Reviewing Part Time Employee Eligibility for SEBB Insurance, Senate Bill 6189
  • Increasing the Number of Beds at Adult Family Homes, House Bill 1023
  • Reviewing Health Insurance Carrier Financial Surpluses, Senate Bill 6097
  • Continuing VEBA and Fringe Benefits, House Bill 2458
  • Switching from Medicare Plan F to Plan G, Administrative Law Change

Health Care Legislation that died this year:

  • Importing Prescription Drugs from Canada, Senate Bills 6110 & 6111
  • Insulin Single Purchaser, Senate Bill 6113

Read summaries of all of these bills in the WSSRA report.