UW Retirement Association

April 15, 2020

News & Events – April 15, 2020

We want to hear how UWRA can be of service to you and what you have been doing to keep yourself busy. We would love to share your ideas with the membership. Email us at retiremt@uw.edu.


Updates from UWRA’s Legislation & Benefits Committee: Numerous bills at both the federal and state level have implications for retirees:

  • Good news for PERS1/TRS1 participants: The cost-of-living adjustment passed. As of July 1 it provides a one-time 3% increase for Plan 1 retirees, up to a maximum $62.50/month increase.
  • Federal stimulus package includes retirees: Those with adjusted gross incomes (AGIs) up to $75,000 (based on 2019 taxes, if filed, or 2018 taxes) receive the full payment, and those with AGIs up to $198,000 receive partial payment. Seniors with very low pensions or other extenuating circumstances who do not file income tax will be reviewed by the Social Security Administration – if you are in this category, you may wish to call Social Security to be sure you are included in the review.
  • Tax deadlines extended: federal income tax deadline is now July 15, and King County property tax deadline (for those who pay directly rather than through mortgage lenders) is now June 1.
  • Insulin price caps: Senate and House bills cap the out-of-pocket cost at $100/month.

More details on these bills can be found here: uw.edu/uwra/category/legislation-benefits-updates/

Retiree-rehire rule change: Retired public sector employees with skills critical to the COVID-19 emergency response are encouraged to return to service. Read more HERE.

 Just for Fun

Burke Trivia Nights: Join the Burke each Friday at 8 p.m. for Trivia nights. Registration is required.

Need something new to watch? The UW Department of Cinema and Media Studies curated a list of shows and movies you may not have seen before.

Additional Ways to Volunteer: This article provides information on volunteering with the Smithsonian and other ways to volunteer virtually.

Poetry Month: Join the Whole U for their Virtual Poetry Café. Read more HERE.


Send a word of appreciation for the workers in UW Medicine HERE.

UW Libraries Special Collection is working hard to document the COVID-19 pandemic. Read about it HERE.

Cleaning during COVID-19: This article from Right as Rain discusses how best to clean and what to worry about cleaning most (and least).

UW Study on Social Isolation now a National Study: Read about the study and its goals to inform public health officials, help participants, and add to the science on using public health tools HERE.