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February 24, 2017

Husky Leadership Initiative

My understanding of leadership has shifted from something that resides with positions of power, politics, and affluence to the perception that we are all leaders in our everyday acts.   Husky Leadership Certificate Holder

Jean Eisele, Senior Lecturer, Education Program UW Bothell

The Husky Leadership Initiative (HLI) helps interested undergraduates reflect on and cultivate valuable leadership competencies. An important part of HLI programs is the seasoned perspective and informed encouragement that older adults share with students. Several opportunities to contribute to this effort to nurture future leaders are available to UW retirees. They include:

  • Spring Celebration of Service and Leadership – At the end of the academic year, students showcase their work and learning related to service and leadership experiences through a poster gallery of student projects and oral breakout sessions. Volunteers engage in dialogue with student presenters, learn about their service and leadership stories and offer advice, resources, encouragement and constructive critique on their work.
  • Course (Learning Leadership Theory and Practice) Section Leader – This large lecture class of 240 students will be divided into 12 leadership lab sections of approximately 12-20 students each.  Each section will be co-facilitated by student leaders and UW staff members and/or retirees.
  • HLI Project Committees – HLI committee members develop programming and provide logistical support for one of the major Husky Leadership Initiative efforts.  Committee members will work alongside UW faculty, staff and students and can expect a 1-2 hour per week volunteer commitment.
  • Husky Leadership Certificate (HLC) Program Mentors –Interested retirees can apply to mentor HLC participants. From January through May, mentors meet twice a month with program participants to provide feedback, guidance and encouragement to participants reflecting on their undergraduate experience and creating their leadership e-portfolios. To learn more about this opportunity contact HLI using the information provided below. See examples of some participant e-portfolios in this gallery.
  • U Lead We Lead Table Captains – Fall – Table captains play a vital role at this signature event by helping student attendees and other participants to reflect upon the ideas about leadership presented by the featured speakers.

Learn more about the Husky Leadership Initiative and its leadership framework on the HLI web site.  To contact the Husky Leadership Initiative offices call (206) 616-9768 or email Fran Lo.

To be part of a UW Encore HLI cohort contact UW Encore.