UW Retirement Association

August 12, 2016

Be a UW Encore/Pipeline Project Tutor

The UW Encore/Pipeline Project partnership provides K-12 students in Seattle Title 1 public schools with individualized tutoring and mentoring. The goal of this work is to create powerful connections among students, retirees and community partners.

Pipeline volunteerJob Description

Volunteers will act as guides, role models, coaches, and advocates to help motivate students, challenge them to improve their performance, help them succeed in their schoolwork, and ultimately function more effectively in their lives both inside and outside school. UW Encore Pipeline tutors may assist the teacher in the classroom or work directly with one or more students.

Eligibility and expectations

  • Desire to make a difference by helping children succeed in school
  • Willingness to learn and apply effective tutoring methods
  • Ability to work as team members with Encore/Pipeline staff, school staff, parents and other volunteers
  • Willingness to commit to building supportive academic relationships with students by donating one academic year of service (generally one hour travel plus two hours tutoring per week). Flexibility is allowed with notice to all involved.
  • High expectations, patience, supportive demeanor and a sense of humor



  • Knowledge that you are having real impact on the lives of young students in need of individualized academic assistance and their teachers
  • Admittance, if interested, to Inner Pipeline seminars about education equity and social justice with UW undergraduates

Students, Schools and the Community

  • Access to reliable, skilled, inter-generational volunteers who are committed to the understanding that education is a critical tool for building a healthy community

Please contact us at uwencore@uw.edu, 206-685-7728 to learn more about this opportunity.