Praise for Our Books

Arctic Ambitions: Captain Cook and the Northwest Passage

Edited by James K. Barnett and David L. Nicandri

"True to the title, the book and the show together aspire to completely reassess Cook’s North Pacific explorations, and the volume itself - brimming with quality reproductions of period map work, expedition watercolors and later lithographs, artifacts or all description, and no fewer than eighteen separate essays by renowned experts in their respective fields - tackles the nuances of this important slice of history with integrity and vigor." - Jack Nisbet, Oregon Historical Quarterly

"This book is exceptionally well designed and printed. Illustrating the text are striking reproductions of art work and maps produced by members of the expedition, especially John Webber. . . . A good read. This book will appeal to readers who are new to the subject as well as experts in the field." - Marvin Falk, Alaska History

The Clinic and Elsewhere: Addiction, Adolescents, and the Afterlife of Therapy

Todd Meyers

"An appropriate book to teach a wide range of anthropology classes. . . . An excellent example of writing about the intersection of methodology and theory. . . . Through its seriousness of purpose and intellectual rigor, The Clinic and Elsewhere leaves us, thankfully, curious and unsettled, asking: What will happen next in addiction medicine? And, equally important, how will we think about it?" - Kelly Ray Knight, Medical Anthropology Quarterly

Wilderburbs: Communities on Nature's Edge

Lincoln Bramwell

"This readable, lively book will prove difficult to classify for those accustomed to arraying the settings for environmental history along a continuum. . . . Arizonans and historians of the state should definitely read this book. What Wilderburbs does especially well is . . . good environmental history. - Jeremy Vetter, The Journal of Arizona History

Robert Cantwell and the Literary Left: A Northwest Writer Reworks American Fiction

T. V. Reed

"Reed's complex and multilayered book on Cantwell will help rescue The Land of Plenty from oblivion. It is also a significant contribution to the project of reconsidering the American literary left of the 1930s. . . . Progressives from our own time have much to learn from that era and from this book." - Priscilla Long, H-Socialisms

The Boy Who Shot the Sheriff: The Redemption of Herbert Nicholls Jr.

Nancy Bartley

"Nicholls’s trial and sentence are just the starting point for Bartley. The Boy Who Shot the Sheriff also tells the fascinating story of how Nicholls was the pawn in an epic struggle between Washington Governor Roland Hartley and Father E. J. Flanagan. . . . Intriguing reading." - Allen Bentley, NW Lawyer

Tulalip, From My Heart: An Autobiographical Account of a Reservation Community

Harriette Shelton Dover; Edited by Darleen Fitzpatrick

"Boarding school education, treaties, and reservation life are three topics of many that Dover raises from the welcome perspective of a Native American woman who struggled to survive through those trying and troubling times. Anyone seeking a deeper and richer understanding of Native American history, as well as the growth and development of the reservation community at Tulalip, and Dover’s long-standing efforts in adulthood to revive the cultural practices and traditions that the Bureau of Indian Affairs had been so obsessed with stamping out, will find Tulalip, From My Heart an indispensable resource." - Cary C. Collins, Oregon Historical Quarterly

The World of a Tiny Insect: A Memoir of the Taiping Rebellion and Its Aftermath

Zhang Daye; Translated by Xiaofei Tian

"Lucid and erudite. . . . With Tian’s translation, we now have represented in English a wide range of different primary source perspectives on the Taiping civil war. This is an important and highly readable translation and an outstanding resource for teaching." - Tobie Meyer-Fong, Monumenta Serica

Chinuk Wawa: kakwa nsayka ulman-tilixam laska munk-kemteks nsayka / As Our Elders Teach Us to Speak It

The Chinuk Wawa Dictionary Project

"An excellent overview of the structure and history of the language. . . . Monuments for the language - in both sense of the word. The dictionary is a great resource, for creolists as well as for those in the community . . . in their continued efforts to revive the language in the school and the reservation community."
- Peter Bakker, Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages

Umatilla Dictionary

Noel Rude

"A very welcome and useful dictionary. . . . This well-produced book . . . is one that anybody with an interest in Sahaptin or in languages of the Northwest in general will find it profitable to consult." - Paul D. Kroeber, Anthropological Linguistics