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The following titles have arrived in our warehouse in the last three months and are now available for purchase:

December 2014

University of Washington Press titles

Eric Voegelin: Philosopher of History

Eugene Webb

Market Street: A Chinese Woman in Harbin

Xiao Hong. Translated by Howard Goldblatt

Northwest Coast Indian Art: An Analysis of Form, 50th Anniversary Edition

Bill Holm

The Scholar and the State: Fiction as Political Discourse in Late Imperial China

Liangyan Ge

Distributed titles

Aboriginal Student Engagement and Achievement: Educational Practices and Cultural Sustainability

Lorenzo Cherubini

Atua: Sacred Gods from Polynesia

Michael Gunn

Bali: Island of the Gods

Robyn Maxwell, Niki Van Den Heuvel, Melanie Eastburn, and Lucie Folan

Blue Sky: The Oregon Center for Photographic Arts

Julia Dolan, Brian Ferriso, and Todd J. Tubutis

The Clouds of Lucca: Poems

D. S. Butterworth

Collection Highlights: 2014 Edition

Edited by Ron Radford

Diasporic Chineseness after the Rise of China: Communities and Cultural Production

Edited by Julia Kuehn, Kam Louie, and David M. Pomfret

Garden of the East: Photography in Indonesia 1850s-1940s

Gael Newton

If You So Desire: Poems

Joseph Gastiger

Immigration Canada: Evolving Realities and Emerging Challenges in a Postnational World

Augie Fleras

In Passionate Pursuit: The Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Collection and Legacy

Bruce Guenther

Pinay on the Prairies: Filipino Women and Transnational Identities

Glenda Tibe Bonifacio

Reviving Social Democracy: The Near Death and Surprising Rise of the Federal NDP

Edited by David Laycock and Lynda Erickson

A Small Price to Pay: Consumer Culture on the Canadian Home Front, 1939-45

Graham Broad

Sunday with the Sound Turned Off: Poems

Andrea Werblin

November 2014

University of Washington Press titles

And the View from the Shore: Literary Traditions of Hawai'i

Stephen H. Sumida New in Paperback

Dark Dove: The Sacred and Secular in Modern Literature

Eugene Webb New in paperback

Educating the Chinese Individual: Life in a Rural Boarding School

Mette Halskov Hansen

Heaven in Conflict: Franciscans and the Boxer Uprising in Shanxi

Anthony E. Clark

Imperial Illusions: Crossing Pictorial Boundaries in the Qing Palaces

Kristina Kleutghen

Island: Poetry and History of Chinese Immigrants on Angel Island, 1910-1940, Second Edition

Edited by Him Mark Lai, Genny Lim, and Judy Yung

The Plays of Samuel Beckett

Eugene Webb

Samuel Beckett: A Study of His Novels

Eugene Webb

The Self Between: From Freud to the New Social Psychology of France

Eugene Webb

Distributed titles

Acquired Tastes: Why Families Eat the Way They Do

Brenda L. Beagan, Gwen E. Chapman, Josee Johnston, Deborah McPhail, Elaine M. Power, and Helen Vallianatos

The Grand Hall: First Peoples of Canada's Northwest Coast

Leslie Heyman Tepper

Islands' Spirit Rising: Reclaiming the Forests of Haida Gwaii

Louise Takeda

Mixed Race Amnesia: Resisting the Romanticization of Multiraciality

Minelle Mahtani

Native Art of the Northwest Coast: A History of Changing Ideas

Edited by Charlotte Townsend-Gault, Jennifer Kramer, and Ki-Ke-In


Bianca Gendreau

Tattoo Traditions of Native North America: Ancient and Contemporary Expressions of Identity

Lars Krutak

Transformations: A. Y. Jackson and Otto Dix

Laura Brandon

Witness: Canadian Art and the First World War

Amber C. LloydLangston and Laura Brandon

October 2014

University of Washington Press titles

A Best-Selling Hebrew Book of the Modern Era: The Book of the Covenant of Pinhas Hurwitz and Its Remarkable Legacy

David B. Ruderman

Cities of Others: Reimagining Urban Spaces in Asian American Literature

Xiaojing Zhou

Ming: 50 Years that Changed China

Edited by Craig Clunas and Jessica Harrison-Hall

Radical Theatrics: Put-Ons, Politics, and the Sixties

Craig J. Peariso

Searching for Modernity: Western Influence and True-View Landscape in Korean Painting of the Late Choson Period

Yi Song-Mi

Stirring Up Seattle: Allied Arts in the Civic Landscape

R. M. Campbell

Swallowing Clouds: A Playful Journey through Chinese Culture, Language, and Cuisine

A. Zee With a new Afterword by Linda Rui Feng

Distributed titles

Angels in Bus Stops: Poems

Jon Veinberg

Forbidden City: Imperial Treasures from the Palace Museum, Beijing

Li Jian, with He Li, Houmei Sung, and Ma Shengnan

French Canadians, Furs, and Indigenous Women in the Making of the Pacific Northwest

Jean Barman

Habitation: Collected Poems

Sam Hamill

In Peace Prepared: Innovation and Adaptation in Canada's Cold War Army

Andrew B. Godefroy

Open Twenty-Four Hours: Poems

Suzanne Lummis

Painting Traditions of the Drigung Kagyu School

David P. Jackson with contributions by Christian Luczanits and Kristen Muldowney

Paths to the Bench: The Judicial Appointment Process in Manitoba, 1870-1950

Dale Brawn

Political Communication in Canada: Meet the Press and Tweet the Rest

Edited by Alex Marland, Thierry Giasson, and Tamara A. Small

Teaching Each Other: Nehinuw Concepts and Indigenous Pedagogies

Linda M. Goulet and Keith N. Goulet

Textiles of Timor, Island in the Woven Sea

Edited by Roy W. Hamilton and Joanna Barrkman

Tribute and Profit: Sino-Siamese Trade, 1652-1853

Sarasin Viraphol