McNair Scholars

Application Part 2: Income Verification


**This information will only be collected if you are selected for an in-person interview in February.**

As part of your application, you will report the income that either you or your parents/guardians filed with the U.S. IRS and/or with FAFSA. We also need to receive a signed copy of the income verification form, which we will send to you if you are selected for an interview. Note that if you are considered a dependent for FAFSA, you must have this form signed by your parent or guardian.

Why is this information necessary?

As a federally funded TRIO program, the McNair Scholars Program is required to provide documentation of a student’s eligibility for the program to the U.S Department of Education and implement the TRIO regulations that state two-thirds of the students served must meet federal low-income guidelines. This information will only be used to determine or verify TRIO Student Support Services program eligibility. The U.S. Department of Education provides more information about TRIO and eligibility requirements online at Dept. of Education TRIO Income Eligibility.

Information Privacy:

The UW McNair Scholars program assures that all family income and student information we collect is kept secure and confidential and never provided to any agency other than the Department of Education.