UW Information Technology

January 9, 2020

Now it’s easier than ever to provide feedback to UW-IT

Computer image of new caller satisfaction survey

How was your experience with UW-IT? Let us know!

Starting January 10, 2020, you’ll receive a simplified, more user-friendly customer satisfaction survey from UW Information Technology (UW-IT) after your IT request has been resolved.

Upon resolution of email you send to help@uw.edu you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the new customer satisfaction survey.

“At UW-IT, we take pride in focusing on our customer’s experience. Customer feedback provides us an opportunity to improve the support of our services to better meet our customer’s needs,” said Karalee Woody, assistant vice president of UW-IT’s Customer Service & Support.

That’s why UW-IT wants to make it easier for you to give us feedback.

The updated survey uses dynamic functionality that adjusts the survey questionnaire based on customer responses and reduces the number of questions from five to two. This makes the survey easier for customers to complete while also allowing UW-IT to gather more actionable feedback.

For example, if you select “very satisfied” in response to the initial question that asks how satisfied you were with the level of service, then the dynamic questionnaire will follow up with a tailored question asking “What made your experience positive?”

Behind the scenes, UW-IT service teams receive notifications and reports that allow them to view and triage survey feedback in real time.

These support processes, along with enhanced survey data, will better allow UW-IT service teams to take action on customer feedback.

For more information about UW-IT’s customer satisfaction surveys, please email help@uw.edu with the subject line “UW Connect Metrics and Reports.”