UW Information Technology

June 21, 2021

Modern technology installations in the works for the UW

By Gretchen Konrady

Though many of us working remotely may not have been thinking much about campus, a lot has been happening on site at the University of Washington and UW Medicine. A number of new and updated facilities have required and will require technology infrastructure from UW-IT. Here are a few:

Harborview Research & Training (R&T) Building: Lab staff are still moving in to the remodeled five-floor Harborview R&T Building, which got an unexpected remodel when a federal contractor spilled a tiny amount (140 mg) of a radioactive powder, cesium-137 two years ago. The building was shut down immediately, and over the next two years, the facility was remediated and the cleaning overseen and certified by several regulators. The remodel provided a chance to update labs, create more office space, and replace equipment such as HVAC fans. UW-IT provided the technology and project management support.

IT Infrastructure teams provided wired and wireless network connectivity improvements for the building. The work included network engineering, new switches, and more connection ports for staff and lab use. In addition, infrastructure was put in place to enable and replace old phones with modern VoIP phones.

The Memory Hub: UW-IT is providing the wired and wireless technology for the new UW Memory and Brain Wellness Center facility located near Harborview Medical Center and the Frye Art Museum. The Memory Hub will provide event and program space to support people with dementia.

Haring Center for Inclusive Education: Through a $30 million foundation gift, the UW will renovate the existing Haring Center for Inclusive Education, which provides special education and early learning for children and youth with neurodevelopmental disorders and other disabilities. UW-IT will be instrumental to technology upgrades needed in this building as part of the renovation project.