UW Information Technology

Data Center

May 28, 2021

UW-IT bolsters security for research and education

It’s called spoofing, but it’s not just something for laughs on YouTube. It’s when malicious entities slither around on networks that connect to the internet, pretending they’re from a known, trusted source while they try to steal data or otherwise wreak havoc.

December 5, 2019

University-wide benefits stem from collaborative document management project

UW faculty teaching in class

With a new IT system in place, the Office of Academic Personnel has drastically reduced its reliance on paper files, while also making records management more efficient and record-keeping more secure.

September 23, 2019

New UW Data Collaborative seeks to bring latest computing tools and data to researchers

In a highly collaborative institution such as the UW, where cutting-edge research performed by multidisciplinary teams is now the norm, confining data to a single cold room, and to a single investigator, limits its utility. The UW Data Collective has found a better way to share data and foster collaboration.