UW Information Technology

data center

September 23, 2019

New UW Data Collaborative seeks to bring latest computing tools and data to researchers

In a highly collaborative institution such as the UW, where cutting-edge research performed by multidisciplinary teams is now the norm, confining data to a single cold room, and to a single investigator, limits its utility. The UW Data Collective has found a better way to share data and foster collaboration.

April 19, 2019

Getting servers out of the closet is better for bottom line and for environment

The Department of Atmospheric Sciences cut its electrical demand by 47 percent by decreasing the number of servers and moving them to the 4545 Data Center. In making the move, Atmospheric Sciences joined approximately 60 departments across the UW in choosing to house and manage their servers in the UW’s central data centers, operated by UW-IT. The reasons are clear — data centers are more cost and energy efficient.