UW Information Technology

September 27, 2019

Big price drop for software in FY2020

Students, faculty and staff will see significant price decreases for popular software managed by UW-IT in fiscal year 2020 at all three campuses — with three products now available for free to students.

Prices on popular software such as Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe Creative Cloud and Visual Studio Pro are now significantly lower, with MatLab, SPSS and SAS free for students.

The savings in Software for the UW (UWare) come after a multi-year effort by UW-IT to reduce and stabilize cost and resale of subscription-based software licenses for the University.

“By simplifying our business processes, we were able to reduce the cost for 70 percent of the products in our catalog,” said Damien Koemans, director for UW-IT’s Customer Service & Support.

UW-IT aims to provide an efficient and cost-effective service for students, faculty and staff to acquire and use a variety of software products that meet compliance standards for licensing and government regulations.

The software in UWare is a cost-recovery (self-sustaining) service. The full cost of the license, delivery and support must be recovered through the sale of the products in the catalog. For more information and the UWare storefront, visit IT Connect.