UW Information Technology

During one of the most challenging periods in the University’s history, students, faculty and staff throughout the UW joined forces with UW-IT to accomplish a wide breadth of work in 2020, despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Medical workers in full PPE take swab tests of UW employees and medical workers to screen for the SARS2- Covid19 virus.

Going all-out: UW-IT’s response to COVID-19

Launching a massive operation across three campuses to support remote learning and work for thousands of students, faculty and staff was no easy task, but the UW succeeded.
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Enhancing Teaching and Learning

From developing a new texting platform to reach students to streamlining the process for new majors and degrees, UW-IT worked with partners to enhance teaching and learning and support student success.
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Student researchers at the Molecular and Cellular Biology Lab

Advancing Research

UW-IT worked to advance world-class research by providing new training and resources for cloud computing and developing high-performance computing capacity for machine learning and artificial intelligence on site.
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Modernizing Business Systems

With partners across the University, UW-IT supported dozens of call centers going remote, developed web-based tools for decision makers and marked significant milestones in support of UW Finance Transformation.
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Three people looking at graphs and charts.

Graphic depiction of a diverse set of people communicating digitally and being socially distanced.

Enhancing Collaboration

UW-IT worked with partners to simplify and reduce the costs of responding to customer service requests, decrease enterprise risk by expanding two-factor authentication, provide cybersecurity training, and enhance Wi-FI.
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