UW Information Technology

Teaching and learning are at the heart of the UW’s mission, and UW-IT partners with other units across all campuses to support student success.

Making IT more accessible at the UW

To ensure IT is accessible to people of all abilities, UW-IT’s Accessible Technology Services promotes the development, procurement and use of accessible IT, and engages more than 100 accessibility liaisons throughout the UW to advocate for the accessible design of IT.

New tool promotes student success

A new online tool being tested by UW advisers will help students make more informed decisions when choosing their courses. With the Beaten Paths tool, students will gain insights into the quickest path to their desired degree and at what point in their academic career they should take certain courses.

New tool helps students navigate prereqs

The Prereq Map allows students to easily track prerequisites — and gives them a quick view of courses available once a prerequisite has been completed. The app is also a powerful tool for UW administrators, helping them assess the impact of proposed curriculum changes and identify bottleneck courses.

Providing better information to students

A recently enhanced report gives advisers quick access to a list of undergraduate students enrolled in a particular major, enabling advisers to proactively communicate to students about required courses and upcoming courses of interest.

A more efficient transfer process

The admissions processes for transfer and post-baccalaureate students are now entirely paperless, and are significantly more streamlined and efficient, the latest accomplishment of the Undergraduate Admissions Modernization project.

Computer screen with MyPlan homepage showing.

MyPlan enhancements

Now students can search courses by number of credits or instructor and also better preview courses planned for upcoming quarters with enhancements to MyPlan, the academic planning tool. The new “Registration Preview” page shows scheduling conflicts, actions needed, courses ready to get passed on to the web registration system and the student’s registration date.

Free Wi-Fi at Othello-UW Commons

The Othello-UW Commons, which opened last January in Southeast Seattle, offers space and free Wi-Fi for community meetings, learning, leadership and community and professional development. The free Wi-Fi, a new and first-time service for the public, underscores UW’s commitment to equity and to learning from and with local communities.​