UW Information Technology

UW-IT provides researchers a wide array of tools to advance their research.

$5M to simplify access to public cloud

A $5 million grant by the National Science Foundation was awarded to several universities, including the University of Washington, to develop CloudBank, a suite of managed services to simplify public cloud access for computer science research and education.

Shedding light on the cosmic dawn

Radio astronomy Ph.D. candidate Ruby Byrne is working to expand our knowledge of the early universe by optimizing a telescope half-a-world away, thanks to commercial cloud computing credits offered through the UW’s Research Computing Club.

Partnering for deep computing learning at UW

The Deep Learning Institute introduced students, faculty and staff to machine learning, artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques for computer vision tasks, approaches that the attendees planned to use in their own research. UW-IT and the eScience Institute also partnered to host cloud computing workshops for students and staff.

Person looking at computer with a graphic overlay of a circle with images of technology related items on it, such as a mobile phone, websites, SEO and magnifying glass.

Server room.

Hyak enhanced with AI, easier access

The UW’s shared supercomputer cluster, Hyak, is better than ever, thanks to improvements, including machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and access to anyone with a UW NetID who needs research computing tools. A new on-demand portal reachable via laptop, iPad or cellphone is also in the works.

Under water view looking up to a school of fish.

Online portal to ocean’s hidden world

Peek into the ocean off the coast of Oregon through a new Interactiveoceans website, providing access to a rich trove of real-time information, including live video, images and more. The website was developed by the School of Oceanography in collaboration with UW-IT.

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Fostering research collaboration

The UW Data Collaborative fosters collaboration by expanding the use of restricted but high-quality data to more UW researchers in a secure and computationally sophisticated environment that is supported in part by UW-IT.