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Welcome to UW-IT’s 2019 Year in Partnerships series. We collaborate with partners across all three campuses, UW medical centers and global research operations to advance teaching, learning, innovation and discovery.

Children learning on a computer.

The connected classroom

Students across Washington state rely on the K-20 Education Network to provide them with equal access to a rich array of online resources — no matter how remote their location.
Learn why connectivity and 24×7 support are critical

Glaciers across time

Groundbreaking cloud computing work measures how glaciers are losing ground to climate change.
Read how spy photos play a role in research

David Shean on a glacier using computing tools.

Two people sitting in front of a computer.

Accessibility for all

When learning tools and resources are available to all, we all win.
Read how a PDF can be a barrier to learning

Building better online communities

The UW’s supercomputer helps a researcher understand why some online communities succeed, while others fail.
Read how his work may keep oligarchies at bay

Graphic representations of people's profile connected together with lines and circles.

Two people at a laptop talking.

A paperless trail

The UW’s Human Subjects Division adopts eSignatures to make it more efficient for researchers to do their work and recruit volunteers.
Read how electronic signatures open the door to more research

Highlights for 2019

Students, faculty and staff joined forces with UW-IT to accomplish a wide breadth of initiatives in 2019.
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Moving forward

To support the work of the University, UW-IT is implementing key initiatives for FY 2020.
Learn more

FY 2020 budget

UW-IT carefully manages its budget, always committed to transparency and accountability to the UW community.
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