UW Information Technology

Teaching and learning are at the heart of the UW’s mission, and UW-IT partners with other units across all campuses to support student success.

Captioned video of two professors discussing video capturing

Accessible Technology offers free captioning

UW faculty, staff and students can apply to have highly viewed UW videos captioned by Accessible Technology Services for no charge. More than 450 videos have been captioned, making the content more accessible to everyone.

Optimizing classroom scheduling

A new suite of online tools is helping to ensure that the thousands of courses offered at UW always have an assigned time and classroom well ahead of the registration period. The tools, in support of the Learning Spaces policy, were implemented by Enrollment Management in collaboration with UW-IT and Academic & Student Affairs.

Student looking at laptop

Improved online experience for Continuum College and international students

Students enrolling in UW’s Continuum College now have a simpler, more transparent experience thanks to updates in MyUW. Students can start their registration in MyUW, see account balances and navigate to the new payment portal. MyUW now also provides targeted content for international students with F1 or J1 visas.

New analytics tool helps improve student engagement

MyUW’s new Course Dashboard makes it easier for instructors to improve student engagement by offering data that supports their ability to make connections between their course’s subject matter and student interests. Instructors can view aggregated data on courses their students are taking and have taken, what those students go on to major in, and more.

UW students dressed in purple making the w symbol with their fingers

Improving support for transfer students

Increasing support for transfer students at key transition points can help them be more successful, a new study says. The Transitions Project found that transfers who had multiple touchpoints with knowledgeable peers and UW staff gleaned critical information to successfully navigate their transition to the UW. UW-IT partnered with First Year Programs, Undergraduate Academic Affairs, Office of the Registrar and Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity.

New app simplifies college application process

Students applying to the UW now have a simpler online application process through the Coalition Application, a national tool launched in 2017. Students have a single, centralized platform to organize, build and refine their applications online, and can apply to any participating university. Increasing access for underrepresented students was an important goal.