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UW-IT provides researchers a wide array of tools to advance their research.

Graphic of many computers conneted by lines.

Increased resiliency of high-speed research network

UW researchers can tap into a more resilient high-speed connection to other research institutions around the world, the result of a major upgrade to the UW’s High-Speed Research Network, which supports Big Data science and research. The upgrade also increased the resiliency of Hyak, the UW’s supercomputer, and lolo, the large-scale data archiving and collaboration service.

Graphic representing earthquake magnitude.

UW’s supercomputer plays key role in earthquake simulations

Hyak, the UW’s supercomputer, played a key role in creating computer simulations showing the impacts of a potential magnitude 9.0 earthquake as part of the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network’s M9 Project. The simulations of 50 different scenarios support understanding what a magnitude 9.0 earthquake could look like in the Puget Sound region.

Student research gets boost thanks to STF grant

Student looking at a computer.Students in the Research Computing Club have expanded access to Hyak, the UW’s supercomputer, thanks to a $433,000 grant from the Student Technology Fee Committee. Hyak’s computational power supports data-driven scientific research and academic projects often fundamental to students’ research and career advancement.