Networks, Data Centers & Telecommunications

Networks, Data Centers & Telecommunications consolidates network architecture, engineering, operations, and support teams whose responsibilities span not only UW, but the state K-20 Education Network, the Pacific Northwest Gigapop, Internet2, and other national and international research and education networks. It provides technology evaluation and solutions for voice and data networks, service directions, architecture, design, and optical and Ethernet solutions for long-haul and local networks. This unit is structured to provide system design and support for all aspects of our research university environment.

This division is responsible for:

  • Mobile Communications. Providing engineering and architectural design for wireless and Wi-Fi across the University. This unit also provides strategy, expertise, and service on uses of mobile devices, and in all applications.
  • Network Design & Architecture. Designing of networking services for the University, PNWGP, UW Medicine, the state K-20 Education Network, as well as UW and HMC telecommunications infrastructure. This unit also provides portfolio and project management for the deployment of networking efforts for these same entities, as well as Tier 3 OPS support for all of the University’s managed networks. 
  • Network Operations Management. Overseeing the network operations center, access services, edge networking, and core networking teams.  This unit provides 7x24x365 support for the University, UW Medicine, Pacific Northwest Gigapop, and the state K-20 Education Network. Additionally, this unit activates network/phone ports, installs switches/wireless access points/routers, and monitors over 10,000 devices 7x24.
  • Network Strategy & Telecommunications. Providing university-wide networks and networking endeavors, including all aspects of the design, development, operations, tools, security, and technical management of the University’s voice and data networks,  the state K-20 Education Network, UW Medicine networks and all wired and cellular voice communications. This unit is also responsible for supporting classrooms, offices, laboratories and residence halls, and collaborates with national and international research networks.
  • Planning, Facilities & Data Centers. Administering data center and technical facilities management, including working with UW-IT and University constituents on data center strategy and tactics. This unit also coordinates all layer-one (physical layer) voice, data, Wi-Fi, and cable TV elements in major and minor capital construction projects, including documentation of the University’s on- and off-campus fiber network, and it collaborates with other UW units with facilities-related responsibilities.  Additional responsibilities include managing UW-IT’s space, including space planning assistance, oversight of tenant improvements, office move coordination, building maintenance, and physical security services. 
  • Research Networks. Designing, deploying, and providing operational management for the Pacific Northwest Gigapop (PNWGP) and Pacific Wave. PNWGP delivers robust, highest-speed access to current state of the art Internet, next-generation Internet services and technology, extensive fiber and transport facilities, and the exclusive research and development (R&D) testbeds, where advanced Internet technologies are developed. Pacific Wave is an international research and education network exchange facility, interconnecting R&D networks from around the Pacific Rim and the researchers who use them.


Dan Jordt
Associate Vice President
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Planning, Facilities & Data Centers
Pamela K. Stewart
Executive Director
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UW Mailbox: 354844

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