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Highlights: 2011 Customer Satisfaction Survey

A customer satisfaction survey of 2,100 randomly selected students, faculty and staff was conducted in May 2011 to measure satisfaction with UW-IT services. The survey was conducted by MOR Associates, an external consultant with expertise in developing satisfaction surveys for IT organizations in higher education. The response rate was high: 35 percent (745 responses). Scoring was on a satisfaction scale of 1 to 6, with 6 being the highest.

  • UW-IT overall ratings:UW-IT’s overall quality of services was rated 4.88 (mean score), with 94 percent of all respondents at least somewhat satisfied. UW-IT’s responsiveness to your needs was rated 4.86, with 91 percent of respondents at least somewhat satisfied.
  • Areas rated highly:The reliability and availability of the wired network had the highest ratings for a major service, at 5.20 and 5.18, respectively. Also highly rated were UW-IT’s main help service, help@uw.edu, with scores in three key areas ranging from 5.01–5.03; and telephone customer service, with two services rated 5.00 and 5.02.
  • Areas receiving lower scores: 

    Lower scoring areas included wireless network reliability rated at 4.69; UW email (Alpine deskmail) at 4.50; wireless network (Wi-Fi) coverage at 4.47; and cellular coverage at 4.20.

UW-IT has key projects underway to address the lower-scoring areas including a major Wi-Fi upgrade to significantly improve speed, coverage and reliability; continued improvements to cellular service offerings; and continued enhancements to UW cloud-hosted email—additional Google Apps and a move to Exchange Online / Office 365. Other significant infrastructure efforts include upgrades to the UW’s wired network and aging telephone system.

Customer Satisfaction Survey 2011 – Full Report

Cover of customer satisfaction survey

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