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Metrics: Customer Satisfaction (archive)

Introduction to 2011 survey

UW-IT’s most recent customer satisfaction survey was conducted May 2011. The survey of 2,100 randomly selected students, faculty and staff was conducted by MOR Associates, an external consultant with expertise in developing satisfaction surveys for IT organizations in higher education. The full UW-IT 2011 Satisfaction Survey report is available. UW-IT plans to conduct its next Customer Satisfaction survey in spring 2015, and annually thereafter.

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Customer Satisfaction Ratings by Service Area

This table shows UW-IT customer satisfaction ratings by service area.* The data is from a May 2011 Customer Satisfaction Survey of 2,100 randomly selected students, faculty and staff conducted by MOR Associates, an external consultant. Rating was on a satisfaction scale of 1 to 6, with 6 being the highest.

Service Area

Service Item


Accessible Technologies and Resources
Mary Gates Hall Access Technology Center (ATC) 5.00
Administrative Business Systems
HR/Payroll 4.69
Finance 4.40
Enterprise Data Warehouse Reporting 4.39
Student Administrative 4.38
Data Networks
UW Data Network Overall 4.92
Wired Network Reliability 5.20
Wired Network Availability 5.18
Wired Network Speed 5.10
Wi-Fi Network Speed 4.79
Wi-Fi Network Reliability 4.69
Wi-Fi Coverage Area 4.47
UW Google Apps for Email 5.06
UW Windows Live for Email 4.91
UW Exchange 4.77
UW Email (Alpine, Deskmail) 4.50
Collaboration Tools
UW Google Apps for Collaboration 4.95
Catalyst Web Tools for Collaboration 4.63
UW Windows Live for Collaboration 4.56
Enterprise Portal
MyUW Portal Reliability 5.08
MyUW Portal Features 4.88
MyUW Portal Quality of Content 4.85
MyUW Portal Ease of Use 4.67
IT Consulting and Training
help@uw.edu Overall 4.93
NOC Overall 4.89
Nebula Overall 4.28
Catalyst Help Overall 4.77
Odegaard Learning Commons Help Desk Overall 5.16
Telephone Customer Service Overall 4.93
Technology Spaces and Labs
Videoconference Studios 5.21
Odegaard Technology Studios 5.12
Suzzallo Collaboration Studio 4.89
Odegaard Learning Commons 4.38
Telecommunications Services
UW Desktop Telephone Services Overall 4.83
UW Cellular Coverage Overall 4.20
Web Publishing
students.washington.edu 5.23
staff.washington.edu 5.03
faculty.washington.edu 5.00
courses.washington.edu 4.93
www.washington.edu 4.89
depts.washington.edu 4.86
Google Sites 4.74
Catalyst Tools for Web Publishing 4.67

2011 Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

The response rate to the survey was high: 35 percent (745 responses). Scoring was on a satisfaction scale of 1 to 6, with 6 being the highest.

  • UW-IT overall ratings: UW-IT’s overall quality of services was rated 4.88 (mean score), with 94 percent of all respondents at least somewhat satisfied. UW-IT’s responsiveness to customer needs was rated 4.86, with 91 percent of respondents at least somewhat satisfied.
  • Areas rated highly: The reliability and availability of the wired network had the highest ratings for a major service, at 5.20 and 5.18, respectively. Also highly rated were UW-IT’s main help service (help@uw.edu), with scores in three key areas ranging from 5.01 – 5.03; and telephone customer service, with two services rated 5.00 and 5.02.
  • Areas receiving lower scores: Lower-scoring areas included wireless network reliability rated at 4.69; UW email (Alpine deskmail) at 4.50; wireless network (Wi-Fi) coverage at 4.47; and cellular coverage at 4.20.

Ten Highest and Ten Lowest

The tables below show the services with the ten highest and ten lowest customer service ratings.

Reading the Charts

The following example shows how to read the charts for the UW-IT services.
Reading the Charts diagram

Services With the Ten Highest Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Ten highest customer satisfaction ratings 

Services With the Ten Lowest Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Ten Lowest Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Action Plan

The following table shows key UW-IT projects and other efforts underway, as of February 2013, to improve services in the lower-scoring areas.

Customer Satisfaction Area

Projects and Other Efforts Underway to Improve Satisfaction

UW Cellular Coverage (overall)
Improved cellular coverage (working with AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon)
Mobile Web Framework
IT Connect Web Site (ability to find what you need, with a mobile device)
IT Connect Redesign
Wi-Fi Coverage Area
UW Medicine Wi-Fi Capacity & Coverage Enhancements
(Phase II)
Wi-Fi Technology Refresh for FY 2013
UW Email (Alpine, Deskmail)
Google Apps
Microsoft Office 365
Catalyst Web Tools (for collaboration, Web publishing)
Canvas Learning Management System Implementation
Technology Learning Spaces