UW Information Technology

Letter from Vice President and CIO Kelli Trosvig

Date: March 5, 2014
From: Kelli Trosvig
To: Deans, Chancellors, Directors, and Chairs
Subject: FY 2015 Technology Recharge Fee

Dear Colleagues:

The Technology Recharge Fee (TRF), which provides support for critical information technology services delivered by UW Information Technology (UW-IT), will remain at its current rate for Fiscal Year 2015, under a recommendation made by the University’s IT Service Investment Board, and approved by the Provost. The Board, comprised of representatives from academic and administrative units, is charged by the Provost with conducting an annual review and evaluation of the TRF. The FY 2015 TRF rates, effective July 1, 2014, will continue to be:

  • $54.50 per month per capita for all academic and administrative units
  • $50.00 per month per capita for the Medical Centers

The methodology for calculating the rate will also remain the same, in accordance with a recommendation made by the Board as part of the FY 2014 TRF annual review, and approved by the Provost last year.

The TRF was established four years ago as the foundation of a new funding model for critical information technology services. The model was established after an in-depth costing analysis by an external firm and extensive outreach to the UW community. It replaced an outdated recharge model, based upon phone lines, which did not cover the cost of services and was not sustainable. The TRF covers a basic bundle of IT services identified as critical by a group of representatives from across the UW community. The TRF also covers the Microsoft campus site licensing agreement. More information about the TRF, including details on what is included and how the per capita rate is calculated, can be found at uw.edu/uwit/recharge.html

Funding from this new model enabled UW-IT to maintain a consistent level of basic services for the University, while making essential IT investments in core infrastructure. These investments include significant upgrades in networking, telephony and other critical computing services; a major Wi-Fi refresh to deliver enhanced speed, performance and coverage; and launching key initiatives to improve the student experience. Through good stewardship of resources and careful strategic planning, UW-IT provided these essential services to the UW community without the need for an increase to the overall TRF base (the amount of total funds received by UW-IT on an annual basis), which has remained at the same level since the TRF was initially implemented in Fiscal Year 2011.

We recognize this funding model represents a significant cost for your units in a time of continuing constrained resources. UW-IT strives to operate as cost-effectively as possible, while delivering services that enhance the productivity and effectiveness of students, faculty and staff.

Thank you for your continued support.


Kelli Trosvig

Vice President for UW Information Technology and CIO

cc: Michael Young, President

Ana Mari Cauce, Provost and Executive Vice President

Kellye Y. Testy, Dean, School of Law, Chair, IT Service Investment Board