Decision Support

System or Application Access Requests to Schedule Queries against the EDW

System or Application access requests require additional information on the intent and usage patterns expected in order to determine if any special access and handling will be required.  Queries to extract data to be stored in local or departmental repositories must be documented and approved by appropriate Data Custodians and coordinated with central UW-IT staff as outlined by Data Management Committee Guidelines documented here.

Requests for systems or applications to have direct access to the EDW require that the system owner obtain a UW Application NetID Account, as documented according to DMC Guideline 1017.  For these types of requests, please explain the manner in which data is queried and extracted from the EDW.

Instructions and Steps:

  1. Determine the appropriate Access Role to request by reviewing the Security Access and Roles Matrix and identify the role with the level of access you believe is needed in order to fulfill your job responsibilities.  Please review the role definitions and column data privileges for help in selecting the appropriate role.
  2. Fill out the form below with the requested information, including the Access Role being requested, and then click Submit.
  3. When the form is submitted a copy will be emailed to your supervisor with instructions to reply acknowledging endorsement of your access request.
  4. Once supervisor endorsement is received your request will be submitted for Data Custodian review and endorsement. Data Custodians review for validation of business need and appropriate access request levels.  Please note that this process usually takes a few days, but may take up to a week. 
  5. Once Data Custodian endorsement is received, your request will be submitted to appropriate central UW-IT staff to review and endorse, usually within three working days. UW-IT staff review for validation of expected security, usage and performance assumptions. UW-IT will provide an appropriate time window in which the query can be scheduled to run. NOTE: Queries needing to be run on-demand should be coordinated with UW-IT in advance by contacting
  6. Once UW-IT staff endorsement is received you will be contacted by when your access has been turned on and you will be able to query the data.

Request Form:

Your Name:
Your Application
Your Job Title:
UW E-mail Address:
Access Role:
Your Dept/Unit:
Brief (1-2 sentence)
description of business need:
Your Supervisor's Name
and UW NetID:

Query /
Application /
Reporting Tools
you will use to
connect directly to the EDW:

Examples: MS Access, Visual Basic Application, PHP Web Application,
SQL Server Management Studio, etc.

Types of data extracts
you plan to create
(batch and/or ad-hoc)
and number of expected
users and time of day:

Examples: Overnight batch process to pull Student data, 15 users during day
running departmental application that generates ad-hoc queries.