Policies, Standards, Procedures, and Guidelines


The Data Management Committee (DMC) takes direction and aligns its activities in support of all relevant UW Information Security and Privacy policies.  These policies are published in the UW’s Administrative Policy Statement (APS) system.  Relevant policies include:


The DMC is involved in creating data management, access, and usage standards which support existing UW policies involving information security and retention.  The UW Institutional Data Management Standard is in support of Security and Privacy Policies, and defines foundational principles, roles and responsibilities that govern data management issues at the UW.  Relevant standards include:


The DMC helps define and promote procedures and best practices regarding the management of institutional data.  The procedures document includes protocols for how the DMC functions.


The DMC, working in conjunction with appropriate Data Trustees and Custodians, help define and publish guidelines on data management practices and decisions.  Guidelines help clarify practices around data access, administration and appropriate use.   

Number Name Description



Institutional Base Salary

Executive Summary: Expanded Data Access proposal for SAGE, eFECS, IBS

Allows cross-unit access to Institutional Base Salary data for SAGE and eFECS to authorized UW employees.

Approved: 5/29/2008

1002 Sponsored Program Data

Allows cross-unit access to Sponsored Program data (currently held in the SAGE database) to authorized UW employees.

Approved: 1/08/2009

1003 Data Custodian Guidance on Assigning Users to Roles

Establishes a common understanding for Data Custodians to approve access to institutional data from multiple subject areas (i.e., Finance, Human Resources, Student) in the Enterprise Data Warehouse.


Access and Use Agreement for UW Information Systems and UW Institutional Information

Describes acceptable access and use of data for Enterprise Data Warehouse users and outlines relevant UW policies.

1005 Expanded Access to Financial Data

Allows unrestricted access to financial information to authorized UW employees.

Approved: 3/10/2009



Addendum: Expanded Access to Financial Data

Describes the vetting process undertaken to identify and address concerns regarding unlimited span of control access to financial data for authorized University employees.

Approved: 3/10/2009

1006 Financial Accounting System (FAS) Reject Report Exemption Request

Allows electronic access to the University-wide FAS Reject Report in order to eliminate the need for a paper-based report.

Approved: 6/19/2009


Institutional Data Guideline for Redundant Data Repositories

Provides guidance on the creation of Redundant Data Repositories (RDRs) for data used for analytical and reporting purposes.


Redaction of SSN

Provides an example of effective approaches used to eliminate Social Security Numbers from database systems.

Approved: 8/06/2009


Encryption of Student ID in OPB Database

Documents an approach towards safeguarding personally identifiable student information in the Office of Planning and Budgeting (OPB) database.

Approved: 7/15/2010


Purchasing Data Access Guideline

Provides guidance on data related to UW purchasing activities.

Approved: 4/13/2010


Home Address and Contact Information: Guideline for Access and Use by UW Workforce Members

Provides guidance on access to data related to contact information, including home address and emergency contact information for Employees and Appointees.

Approved: 10/14/2010


Application Development Teams

Establishes guidelines for managing access to the Enterprise Data Warehouse by application project team members.

Approved: 4/13/2010


Pre-Production Data

Establishes guidelines for managing access to the Enterprise Data Warehouse test data.

Approved: 3/01/2010


Test Account Set-up

Establishes practices for account set-up by the Enterprise Data Warehouse team.

Approved: 3/01/2010

1017 Access to EDW Data by Applications

Establishes guidelines for managing access to the EDW data by applications.

Approved: 4/15/2010

1019 Classification of UW NetID and Related Identifiers

Documents the data classification of UW NetID and related person and account identifiers managed by UW-IT.

Approved: 3/16/2010

1021 EDW End User Access Review

Establishes guidelines and best practices for reviewing end user access to the EDW on an annual basis.

Approved 5/21/12

1022 EDW HR/Payroll Data Access for the University Advancement Alumni/Donor System

Formalizes an agreement between University Advancement and Data Custodians of Human Resources and Payroll data in the EDW on the access and usage of HR/Payroll data by Advancement.

Approved 10/8/12

1023 EDW Student Data and Human Resources Data Access for the University Library System Formalizes an agreement between the UW Libraries and Data Custodians of Student data and Human Resources data in the EDW on access and usage of this data by UW Libraries.
1024 EDW HR/Payroll Data Access for Office of Research to fulfill Federal Reporting Requirements Formalizes an agreement between OR and Data Custodians of HR and Payroll data in the EDW on the access and usage of HR/Payroll data.
1025 Usage of Departmental/Unit/Local Data on UW Tableau Server

Formalizes an agreement for publishing institutional data from departmental, unit or local data sources to the Tableau Server installation at UW.

Approved 5/1/14

1026 Usage of Tableau Public Server

Formalized an agreement between the DMC and Office of Planning and Budgeting on the use of Tableau Public to share basic institutional information.

Approved 7/24/2014

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