Academic Advisory Group for Enterprise Reporting

The purpose of the Academic Advisory Group for Enterprise Reporting (AAG4ER) is to identify high-priority information reporting needs from the academic community and propose solutions to meet those needs.


  • Consists of members from academic units who possess knowledge about the information reporting needs of their broader community
  • Chair and members review and update membership annually to provide input in current areas
  • Advises both Information Management (IM) and central Decision Support (DS) teams on reporting priorities and issues
  • Recommends training and communication strategies to be implemented by IM/DS group
  • Includes regular reporting from IM and DS representatives who commit to developing high-priority reports for academic units, and who keep the group apprised of current work on the UW’s reporting infrastructure and services.
  • Identify reporting needs of academic community, review reporting developments, and suggest changes/enhancements to reports.

The AAG4ER is to be chaired by a member of the academic community and is supported by IM staff.

Current Committee Members

  • Nancy McDonald, Chair, Director of Finance, School of Medicine
  • Roberta Hilton, Vice Chair, Director of Finance & Administration, College of Education
  • Tom Sparks, Emeritus Chair, Financial Administrator, College of Engineering
  • Vicki Anderson-Ellis, Director, Finance & Administration, School of Social Work
  • Robert Blum, Director of Database Services, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Kate Bouchard, Director of Finance & Facilities, Foster School of Business
  • Mary Clark, Assistant Dean, The Information School
  • Darlene Feikema, Director of Finance & Administration, College of the Environment
  • David Fray, Director of Computing Services, College of Engineering
  • Linda Lake, Assistant Dean, Evans School of Public Affairs
  • Catherine Taft, Director of Finance & Administration, School of Nursing

Additional Participants: Leads of Enterprise Reporting Groups

  • Charles Bennett, Senior Associate Treasurer, Treasury Office
  • Anja Canfield-Budde, Senior Manager, Office of Information Mgmt, Decision Support Services
  • Carol Diem, Director of Institutional Research, Office of Planning and Budgeting
  • Doug Divine, Project Director, Strategic Analysis & Planning - AP
  • Rick Fenger, Business Analyst, Office of Research Information Services
  • Rhonda Forman, AVP, Office of Academic Personnel
  • Amy Floit, Director of Budget Operations, Office of Planning and Budgeting
  • Joe Kittleson, Executive Director HR Information Systems
  • Lane McKittrick, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Budget and Fiscal Services, UW Bothell
  • Todd Mildon, AVP for Institutional Research and Data Management, and Owner, Enterprise Reporting Service, Office of Planning and Budgeting
  • Dinah Millikin, Senior Systems Analyst, Finance and Facilities Decision Support
  • Marisa Nickle, 2y2d Project Manager, Office of the Provost
  • Daniel Summy, Data Analyst, Office of Institutional Research
  • Bill Yock, Director, Enterprise Information Services, UW IT - Information Management

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