UW Information Technology

UW-IT’s annual budget for fiscal year 2017

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UW-IT manages an annual budget of approximately $115.8 million to provide support to the University community through the service areas listed below. Almost 50 percent ($53.2 million) of UW-IT’s FY 2017 budget is dedicated to providing a basic bundle of critical IT services to all UW students, faculty and staff.

These basic services are supported by $32.5 million in UW central funds and $20.7 milli from the Technology Recharge Fee (TRF). This fee was established in FY 2011 to provide a sustainable, long-term funding model for IT. It replaced an outdated recharge model based on phone lines, which did not fully cover the cost of services. The TRF is a per-capita rate paid by all UW academic and administrative units and UW Medical Centers. UW-IT is committed to using our resources efficiently and effectively to meet the present and future needs of the UW community, and to providing transparency and accountability in our use of resources.

UW-IT Budget

Service Category Amount
IT Infrastructure
  Data Networks 22,027,976
  Computing and Storage 14,956,625
  Telecommunications 8,324,503
  Regional Networks 4,663,317
  Data Centers 3,512,849
  Identity & Access Management 2,977,935
  Application Development Platform 2,336,542
Administrative Systems
  HR Payroll Administrative Systems   9,390,931
  Student Administrative Systems   8,060,799
  Enterprise Data and Analytics   4,128,775
  Enterprise Information Services   3,826,180
  Financial Administrative Systems   3,017,444
  University Support Systems   1,365,740
Teaching and Learning
  Classroom Technologies 4,943,073
  Teaching and Learning Tools 3,242,553
  Computer Labs 970,392
  Email Calendaring and Collaboration 4,226,201
  Software Licenses 3,626,984
Enterprise Risk Management
  Information Security and Privacy 3,956,950
  Accessible Technologies 1,521,728
  Business Continuity 635,798
IT Administration
  UW-IT Service Desk 2,920,842
  IT Administration 711,390
  Research Computing 452,468
Total Expenses 115,797,995
Source Amount
State Appropriations, Tuition and Indirect Cost Recovery 60,486,872
Self-Sustaining Services 28,045,538
Technology Recharge Fee 20,708,004
Carryover Funds 6,557,581
Total Funding 115,797,995