Systems Team Senior Network Lead


UW Information Technology maintains a number of computers, both Mac and PC, in order to provide learning spaces to the UW community, as well as provide technical information and support to staff working in Learning Technology facilities.

The Network Lead is responsible for building and maintaining Windows-based computer images, servers, networks, and file and print services. This position provides flexible hours and ample opportunity to learn, as well as intensive training with senior members of the team.

This is the highest student position on the team and requires oversight and leadership of the other team members. Position requires many of the skills and responsibilities as all levels below and has the highest level of technical requirements.

Responsibilities include managing Windows Active Directory and campus group policies. The Network Lead also coordinates with other members of the Systems Team to accomplish tasks and goals in a timely fashion.

This position starts at $13.50 an hour.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities

  • Communicate directly with staff, students, and other partners regarding current software and hardware, troubleshooting, and fixes
  • Maintain all PC equipment in Learning Technologies facilities (includes hardware/software installation and testing, as well as general troubleshooting and hardware maintenance)
  • Keep in close contact with the other Systems Team PC leads to maintain uniformity between machine configurations and spaces
  • Coordinate with the Systems Team Mac Leads to provide uniformity in working environment between Mac and PC sections of the labs
  • Order and install warranty parts
  • Work closely with the System Team Network Leads to implement and maintain maintenance scripts, images, Deep Freeze, and other system configuration supports
  • Recommend hardware and software upgrades
  • Write and maintain maintenance and imaging documentation
  • Install special software
  • Maintain specialty equipment such as, but not limited to, ATL workstations, video workstations, scanners, Collaboration Studios, Sound Studio, and Digital Presentation Studio
  • Other duties as assigned

Criteria for Selection


  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills
  • Basic networking skills
  • Interest in current technology and advancing technological skills
  • Able to work independently and as part of a team
  • Must be dependable and have excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Must be a student enrolled at the University of Washington
  • Must be able to commit to 3 quarters of work before graduation
  • Must be able to work during quarter breaks and summer quarter (supervisor may approve leave for internships)


  • Experience with Active Directory
  • Understanding of Network technologies
  • Advanced PC systems knowledge
  • Knowledge and experience in Mac systems
  • Basic programming skills (Java, JavaScript, Perl, Visual Basic, etc.)
  • Experience working with a UNIX-based operating system and performing basic tasks on the command line
  • Experience writing Perl, batch, and vb shell scripts
  • HTML knowledge
  • Teaching experience

A satisfactory outcome from a criminal background verification will be required prior to hire. Must be fully eligible to work in the United States.

How to Apply

To apply, please upload your resume and cover letter to our dropbox.