Workshop Instructors - Digital Audio, Adobe Creative Suite, and MS Office


UW Information Technology is recruiting tech-savvy UW students to teach computing workshops. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible. Apply Now!

The Learning & Scholarly Technologies (LST) Computing Workshop Program offers seven series of computing workshops. These workshops offer a fun, casual atmosphere, designed and taught by our student instructors. These workshop instructors belong to a team of student instructors known as the Instructor Team ("The iTeam").

The iTeam develops, coordinates, and instructs computing workshops, customized workshops, and UW-IT student-staff training. These positions provide a rich and rewarding employment experience, especially for (but not limited to) individuals interested in careers in teaching or technology.

Additional information on the Workshop program including individual Workshop descriptions and Workshop curricula is available at

The Positions

We are currently recruiting 3 individuals who possess intermediate-to-advanced knowledge on the technologies listed below. Qualified candidates do not need to be proficient in all the listed technologies but must be willing and able to learn new technologies. We will consider what each candidate might bring to the team, including non-technology skills such as teaching, writing, and public-speaking.

We are looking for instructors in the following areas of expertise:

  • Digital Audio hardware and software
  • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver)
  • Microsoft Office (including Access)
  • Windows 7
  • Apple OS X
  • Computer Management and Troubleshooting

Required Technical Skills (Audio instructor)

  • Digital audio editing, (Pro Tools, Audition and Audacity)
  • Music creation programs (Reason and GarageBand)
  • Midi Keyboards and interfaces
  • Experience using and mixing through a mixing board
  • Basic Digital Audio troubleshooting knowledge (especially with Reason and Protools)

Qualified applicants will possess both a working knowledge of a large subset of the aforementioned technologies and the desire to teach to others.

Additional Skills

  • Excellent self management skills
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills,
  • The desire to learn about new software and hardware,
  • A willingness to develop excellent teaching and technical writing skills, and
  • The ability to teach to diverse audiences with varying degrees of technical aptitude.

Instructors are expected to work (approximately) 15 hours per week throughout the quarter, including summer. Positions start at $9.50 per hour. Additional opportunities to make higher wages do exist on a periodic basis. More details about these higher wages will be provided during the interview.


Catalyst workshop instructors are expected to

  • Act as the Point-Instructor for workshop series,
  • Co-Develop Quarterly Workshop training schedules,
  • Assist in the preparation of curriculum for workshops,
  • Attend regular Instructor Team meetings,
  • Contribute to the organization and development of the Workshop program,
  • Develop and conduct client evaluations of workshops,
  • Prepare classroom/equipment for workshops and classes,
  • Maintain presentation and operation of classrooms,
  • Report on classroom conditions,
  • Conduct Faculty/Instructor classroom orientations, and
  • Assist with special projects including documentation, Web site design, and marketing.

How to Apply

If you are interested, please upload your resume and a brief letter explaining your interests and how your background qualifies you for an instructor position. Please submit via this Catalyst Dropbox.

We will begin reviewing applications on June 3, 2011.

A satisfactory outcome from a criminal background verification will be required prior to hire.

If listed on the Student Jobs page, then we are currently accepting applications for these positions.