UW Information Technology

Peter, Customer Account Manager

What the title really means

Taking customer questions and turning them into actionable requests.

The job

As a Customer Account Manager, I am tasked with a variety of new customer questions daily. It is my job to critically analyze those questions and decide how best to proceed for the benefit of the customer. The majority of my job entails working with our external teams outside of UW-IT and coordinating those requests.

A typical day

Each day is unique! Sometimes it’s just a matter of doing a lot of “translation” work—taking very ambiguous customer inquiries and turning them into workable requests, incidents, or projects. A lot of our time is spent working with external project teams (managers, contractors, vendors). We coordinate UW-IT work to help bring newly built or refurbished buildings online.

Career tool box essentials

A broad skill set is required to be successful. Quite often, I have to wear a variety of hats (business relationship manager/project manager/business analyst). I need to be very familiar with all of UW-IT’s service offerings so we can bring the right people in to discuss various solutions with customers.

I love the UW because

I really like being part of an organization that is producing cutting-edge innovation and research. All the time, I hear about some amazing development coming out of the UW. It’s nice to know that all of us in UW-IT are in some way supporting those innovators and researchers.

Life/work balance, you say?

Too many hobbies, not enough time! I enjoy hiking, exploring and impromptu road trips with my wife. Sometimes, we will get in the truck and drive in one direction, without knowing where we’ll end up.

I enjoy working on projects around the house, particularly if it has to do with electronics and home automation.

I also hold a leadership position at a local Veterans of Foreign Wars post. I really enjoy spending time helping and mentoring other veterans, especially those who are transitioning out of the service.

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