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Jaime, Technology Manager

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What the title really means

Giving customers the information they need

The job

My team does data extraction and integration, and prepares data for customers’ reports. It is challenging to find the right balance to bridge the culture gap and manage expectations between UW-IT and our customers. Another challenge is cross-pollination of team members. I essentially have two groups within my team and the degree of subject matter expertise is not easily transferrable. My goal is to assist my team members in making their individual procedures consistent across the entire team.

The most rewarding part of my job is when I can assist individuals in becoming more productive in their work. I enjoy helping people and groups automate tedious aspects of their job so that they can have more satisfying work. Solving problems is always fun, as well as working with data and tracking down sources of error in the data.

Career tool box essentials

Patience is essential, especially when dealing with customers. I often call on the ability to walk in the customer’s shoes when managing expectations and juggling priorities.

I am motivated by learning. Even now, I am currently studying PowerShell, data analytics, leadership and team dynamics. After graduate school, I spent 10 years in the environmental consulting and testing industry as an applied analytical chemist. I worked for various consulting and testing firms as a laboratory supervisor, quality assurance/quality control officer, data validation specialist, bench chemist and consultant. My background has helped me easily understand complex subject matters.

Life/work balance, you say?

I enjoy cooking. I think it is easier than chemistry. I am famous for my Caesar salad, which a friend has dubbed “Jaimius Caesarius.” The salad comes with “Bruton’s croutons” too! I also like to cook Mexican food. I love to visit Mexico and I have traveled there more than a dozen times. I especially love picking up a good book and reading under the hot sun.

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