UW Information Technology


Purpose: Balance long-term business capability needs with cost effective technology solutions. Solutions are manageable, maintainable, measurable.


  • Make things maintainable, manageable and measurable.
  • Enable measurement of system performance.
  • Design for monitoring, logging, run-time tuning and diagnostics.
  • Make decisions based on the full lifecycle of things.
  • Design for extensibility.
  • Make things testable.
  • Document knowledge needed by others; an undocumented system is not maintainable.

Achieving this Guiding Principle

Best Practice
Applications and services are not designed with dependencies on deprecated components [1]; they may depend on contained components [2].
Applications and services log events and produce alerts needed to measure service levels and other metrics.
Business rules and other system behaviors are configurable via Web-based UIs.
Systems are auditable; all activities are logged.
New applications and services are built using established development frameworks.


[1] A Deprecated component is one that is (or will be) phased out from usage.

[2] A Contained component is no longer available for new usage.