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Access and Use Agreement for UW Information Systems and UW Institutional Information

What is it and why?

The Access and Use Agreement for UW Information Systems and UW Institutional Information (‘Agreement’) promotes best practices and accountability for data security. It is a digest of University policy outlined in the Administrative Policy Statements to encourage more responsible usage of UW Institutional Information. As a standard agreement, it replaces varied and inconsistent agreements which were usually system-specific. All users of UW Information Systems are expected to accept the Agreement.

How do I accept it?

Users with a Personal UW NetID can accept the Agreement here:

The use of Shared NetIDs for accessing institutional information is strongly discouraged due to the inherent lack of accountability. Some UW information systems have integrated a new Agreement Service into the login experience so that user acceptance of the Agreement will be a seamless part of system login.

Users requiring access to UW Institutional Information (such as non-electronic documents) that do not have a UW NetID may be asked to sign a paper copy of the Agreement.

How often?

Users are expected to accept a version of the Agreement once. Under certain circumstances (e.g., if the language of the Agreement changes significantly) they will be asked to accept it again. Users of applications that integrated with the Agreement Service may see occasional reminders related to the Agreement.

To review previous agreements, see version history.

Do all UW Information Systems integrate with the Agreement Service?

For some information systems such as the “green screen” mainframe applications (e.g. HEPPS, PAS, etc.), such integration is not practical. It is expected that over time most UW Information Systems will be integrated with the Agreement Service, including college and departmental applications. If you are a system owner, information on how to integrate UW applications with the Access Agreement Service can be found here:


Questions about the UW Rules/Policy Statements included in the Agreement: ciso@uw.edu

Problems accepting the Agreement online:  help@uw.edu

Help with integrating an application with the Agreement Service: iaas-support@uw.edu