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Workday For Faculty

The HRPM Program has successfully completed

As planned, the HRPM program officially and successfully launched Workday on Tuesday, June 27, 2017. The program is now officially closed, and the newly established Integrated Service Center is up and running. This website remains available as an archival reference.


Faculty can view their academic information including all current appointments, tenure, as well as track and rank information. Education history will be entered and accessible in Workday.


Faculty can view their salary and additional compensation, as well as view and print W-2 forms and pay slips. Direct deposit and W-4 information can be updated as needed. A great feature of Workday is the ability to have up to three direct deposit accounts.


Eligible faculty will make their benefit elections online, and can view benefit enrollment for themselves and their dependents.  Enrollment updates can be made for employee and employee dependents due to life events.  During open enrollment, faculty will be able to change benefit elections online.


Faculty will be able to access personal information such as job details as well as edit information like emergency contacts and general contact information.

  • Hourly faculty will need to enter time worked in Workday. Majority of faculty will NOT enter time.  Only hourly faculty will enter time.
  • Faculty will request leaves of absence in Workday. While faculty may have the ability to request a leave of absence in Workday, the Academic Partner in the unit will most likely be entering the leave of absence and the Academic Partner will be the one entering all LOA related time offs.
  • Faculty who hold a time and absence approver role will need to approve time worked and time off for employees they manage.



Do I need to enter time worked in Workday? X Faculty who are hourly are the exception to this and will track their time in Workday.
Do I need to request time off in Workday?


Librarians and educators are the exception and will need to request time off in Workday.

See the “Enter Time” User Guide” or the “Absence-Time Off” Video for more details.

Do I need to approve time worked and time off for employees that report to me?


Only if you hold the role of Time and Absence Approver.

See the “Enter Time” User Guide” or the “Absence-Time Off” Video for more details.

A Workday Faculty video is available to view on the Integrated Service Center (ISC) website.