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HR/Payroll Modernization Workday Allocation Plan

The HRPM Program has successfully completed

As planned, the HRPM program officially and successfully launched Workday on Tuesday, June 27, 2017. The program is now officially closed, and the newly established Integrated Service Center is up and running. This website remains available as an archival reference.


The following provides information on the cost allocation plan for the implementation of Workday, the University’s new human resources, payroll and benefits system.

A University-wide effort to allocate Workday implementation costs and ongoing license fees to UW organizational units was effective July 1, 2017. For more information, please see the Allocation Plan announcement from the Provost and the Executive Vice President for Finance & Administration.

Cost Components:
  • Capitalized implementation costs funded through 10-year debt financing.
    • Organizational units will pay for annual debt service and interest based on employee FTE and headcount.
  • Non-capitalized implementation costs, including Workday licensing fees during implementation.
    • Organizational units will pay 50 percent over 10 years based on employee FTE and headcount. The Provost paid the remaining 50 percent of these costs.
  • Post-implementation Workday licensing fees.
    • Organizational units will pay annual Workday licensing fees on a 10-year average, based on employee FTE and headcount.

The HR/Payroll Modernization (HRPM) Workday Allocation Plan provides allocation details for each organizational unit.  Many organizational units have made pre-payments and these payments have been applied against each organizational unit’s allocation.

Allocation Basis:

Costs will be allocated based on each organizational unit’s percentage share of the University’s total FTE and headcount. This FTE and headcount will be sourced from the home department with the four-quarter average from the prior fiscal year. Therefore, the FTE and headcount allocation base will be recalculated each year.  Please refer to the HRPM Allocation Calculation for additional details.


UW Information Technology (UW-IT) is currently responsible for the Workday Allocation Plan process and will send additional information to each organizational unit with details of the billing process on an annual basis.


Please, direct any questions to help@uw.edu

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