UW Information Technology

The HRPM Program has successfully completed

As planned, the HRPM program officially and successfully launched Workday on Tuesday, June 27, 2017. The program is now officially closed, and the newly established Integrated Service Center is up and running. This website remains available as an archival reference.

The HRPM Program is the largest administrative effort in the University’s history—impacting over 45,000 employees working across three campuses, medical centers, and off-site facilities.

It includes standardizing our human resources and payroll processes and replacing our 35-year-old, legacy payroll system (known as the Higher Education Payroll Personnel System or HEPPS) and its many shadow systems with a modern, integrated, cloud-based, software system called Workday.

Workday has the potential to transform the way we work at the University, making us more efficient, streamlined, and employee friendly. Workday:

  • Significantly improves human resource and payroll operations.
  • Strengthens security and compliance.
  • Provides better data for decision making.
  • Reduces duplicative efforts.
  • Ensures the use of up-to-date technology.