Office of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

This division is responsible for:

  • Information Assurance. Ensuring coordination of information security and privacy policies across the UW. This unit helps to create a culture of information assurance at the UW through business intelligence and information security and privacy risk awareness. This assists the University in strategically planning and responding to unauthorized exposures of UW information at an institutional level. This unit oversees the creation and maintenance of University information security and privacy policies, leads information assurance risk assessment efforts, and advises the University on protective measures for information, including safeguards for personally identifiable information and intellectual property. This unit is responsible for managing incidents involving the University’s confidential information, chairs the Privacy Assurance and Systems Security (PASS) Council, and leads UW information security and privacy awareness and training programs.
  • Security Services. Serving as the point of contact for all network abuse complaints relating to the University networks, this unit receives all information security incident reports and provides incident response and computer forensic services. In addition, this unit serves as an institutional resource that provides information security consulting for critical- or high-risk systems. This unit is responsible for managing incidents involving the University’s critical systems, in collaboration with the Information Assurance unit.


Kirk Bailey
Associate Vice President
and Chief Information Security Officer
Web | Email | 206-685-5475
UW Mailbox: 359530

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