UW Information Technology

Managed Workstation June 2017 Billing

Dear Managed Workstation Customer,

In the process of migrating Managed Workstations (MWS) in May and June 2017, the migrated MWS were only charged as a partial-month and the project cost accounting (also known as TOP-task, option, and project) codes were cleared out from the billing records.

We have submitted the outstanding charges to round out the full-month charge. You will notice that we deliberately chose to keep the TOP codes off the catch up billing files. This is to accommodate possible TOP coding corrections that were already made in MyFD. Please note, the remaining charges for the MWS that were migrated in May and June cannot be viewed in the TSE Bill Viewer. Instead, you are receiving the attached paper ISD in its place.

Please feel free to contact us at 206-543-1997 or via email at help@uw.edu if you have any questions.


The UW-IT Billing Team